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The Ur-Quan Masters - Extended Edition

Welcome! This project is a modest, unofficial fork/sub-project of The Ur-Quan Masters, aimed at enhancing the single-player game's atmosphere, story depth and continutity. No changes were made to the main plot, but various plot elements have been added to make the game world seem that much more "full", and gameplay more satisfying. If you've played the game before, this means that it's the same game, just with more side-plots and whatnot to find/explore. If you've never played the game before, this version is every bit as feature-complete as the "official release", but with some extra features.

Key Differences

No voices included
They ruin EVERYTHING, even to the point of obscuring some plot points, and making it harder for new players to win the game.
If you still want voices, you can install them, but seriously. Don't.
More stuff
The characters in-game mention various places and things that are, in this version, also scattered around the galaxy for the player to find and explore.
Minor Bugfixes and Enhancements
Some bugs in the game haven't been fixed in the "official" release yet. None of them are crash bugs or show-stoppers, but usually mild annoyances or inconsistencies that this version aims to see annigilated... I mean annihigated.. damn!

A full list of changes is detailed here


The Game

File Platform Description Last Modified Size
uqm-0.6.4-ee.win32.exe win32 The Ur-Quan Masters - Extended Edition for Windows
(self-extracting installer)
11-Aug-2010 01:12:25 PDT 9.35 MB [Download]
uqm-0.6.4-ee.macosx.dmg MacOS X The Ur-Quan Masters - Extended Edition for MacOS X
(self-contained Mac app, Universal binary)
11-Aug-2010 02:24:36 PDT 12.00 MB [Download]
uqm-0.6.4-ee.tar.gz any The Ur-Quan Masters - Extended Edition Source Code 20-May-2013 08:32:48 PDT 130.97 MB [Download]

Libraries / Frameworks

The following packages are only needed if you are building the game from sources; in the binary distribution, all the required frameworks are included already. Source code for these libraries is provided under the terms of their respective licenses.

File Platform Description Last Modified Size
SDL_image-1.2.4.dmg MacOS X SDL_image framework for MacOS X 23-Dec-2004 10:48:07 PST 123.41 KB [Download]
SDL_image-1.2.4.tar.gz any SDL_image source code 15-Dec-2004 21:54:49 PST 822.15 KB [Download]
libogg-1.1.dmg MacOS X Ogg framework for MacOS X 13-Feb-2008 19:17:50 PST 60.82 KB [Download]
libogg-1.1.tar.gz any Ogg source code 26-Dec-2004 21:59:46 PST 276.07 KB [Download]
libvorbis-1.0.1.dmg MacOS X Vorbis framework for MacOS X 13-Feb-2008 19:18:09 PST 830.23 KB [Download]
libvorbis-1.0.1.tar.gz any Vorbis source code 26-Dec-2004 22:00:41 PST 1.16 MB [Download]
openal-1.2.dmg MacOS X OpenAL framework for MacOS X 21-May-2005 18:28:08 PDT 124.53 KB [Download]
openal-1.2.tar.gz any OpenAL source code 21-May-2005 18:12:25 PDT 6.92 MB [Download]

Other Stuff

The following package(s) are unrelated to the game itself, and are available purely for amusement purposes

File Platform Description Last Modified Size Android 2.x Ur-Quan Masters Live Wallpaper v1.0.1
(animated wallpaper for Android)
07-Sep-2011 20:10:24 PDT 117.67 KB [Download]

Git Repository

The game sources and content are also provided via Git. To obtain a copy:

The Game

git clone

Live Wallpaper

git clone
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